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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Spanish Bananagrams tiles spotted in the wild!

Since the introduction of the Spanish version of Bananagrams, I've been bugged by the fact that none of the online photos showed what the extra Spanish tiles looked like. And then I found this creative attempt to make sentences using all the tiles in a Bananagrams set. As the set on hand happened to be Spanish Bananagrams, three of the four special Spanish Bananagrams tiles are visible in the picture: LL, RR, and CH:

There you have it folks: actual proof that Spanish Bananagrams is not merely a figment of my imagination. (Though I admit that the image of the CH tile is almost as fuzzy as a Bigfoot photo.)

UPDATE: Huzzah! Official photos of Spanish Bananagrams grids can now be seen on sites selling Spanish Bananagrams. And they include the elusive Ñ tile:
(Click for a bigger version of the image on the Amazon product page.)