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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Appletters & Pairs in Pears: New games from the makers of Bananagrams

I stumbled onto this blog entry, describing a bit of the Bananagrams origin story, and then revealing that the Bananagrams people are about to release two new games!

Pairs in Pears So far, I've only found out that Pairs in Pears has tiles that augment the letters with patterns (dots, lines, blank and solid), and that it is aimed at kids, helping them to work on "cognitive skills and memory, as well as the order of the alphabet, vocabulary and rhyming as they practice forming words".

And I can find no information at all about Appletters. Not even how to pronounce its name. Just that it exists. Here is a fuzzy picture of Appletters: Appletters & Pairs in Pears

If you have any information about the nature or current whereabouts of either of these games, please send it in to our anonymous hotline.

UPDATE: I have obtained what appears to be an official description of Appletters: "A fun domino game... You don't connect the dots -- you connect the letters!"

UPDATE^2.1: I've posted new information about Appletters here and Pairs in Pears there.