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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Other games: Scrabble Apple and Los Bananagrams

The makers of Scrabble have released a game that is packaged as a bunch of tiles in a fabric piece of fruit: Scrabble Apple. (I like to call it "Scrapple" for short.) It came out in January of 2009, so it is clearly a response to Bananagrams. Some of the 100 tiles are red, indicating that they are "double word score" tiles. The rules make it sound something like "Snatch", a game I am interested in trying.

[UPDATE: I have played Snatch with Bananagrams tiles, and it is awesome! See this post.]

Also there is now a Spanish version of Bananagrams. It has special tiles for "rr", "ll", "ch", and the n with the tilde over it (a.k.a., the /en yay/).