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Friday, September 18, 2009

Description of the Pairs in Pears game

Now that the new Pairs in Pears game is available, some new information has surfaced. The tiles come in four designs: solid, outline, lines and dots. The different patterns function like different suits of cards. As there are four suits, each containing a complete alphabet, there are a total of 104 tiles. Just as in a deck of cards, each tile is unique (e.g., the G of solids or the H of dots). This adds an interesting new dimension to play with.

The "Pairs in Pears" game involves making pairs of intersecting words that consist of tiles of all the same pattern (as shown in the picture). Whoever makes a certain number of word pairs first, wins. "Pairpoints" is a variation that includes a more elaborate scoring scheme.

I will post more information about gameplay here, as I find it.