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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bananagrams on Twitter

October 2011 Update (superseding the original post which is below): The official Bananagrams Twitter account has changed from _BANANAGRAMS_ to bananagrams.

Large Animal Games, the makers of the iPhone and Facebook version of Bananagrams, has been been posting updates on Twitter as bananagrams since early 2009. (The first post is here.)

I occasionally post Bananagrams-related things under the Twitter alias bananagrammer.

And now, there is an official Twitter feed for Bananagrams:


_BANANAGRAMS_ has started posting "Weords", a term introduced in the
Bananagrams book, meaning "weird words that are cool to play". It seems like it will be a useful account to follow. I am looking forward to future posts.