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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some Bananagrams-inspired poems (with rhymes)

April is National Poetry Month. I think a better name would be "Poetry Awareness Month" since most of the time I do not think about poems at all. So I decided to raise my awareness of poetry by writing some poems. Here are the results:

The Banana and the Poem about it

I shot a banana into the air
It fell to earth; I step not there.
For I do not wish to glide
On my own personal Slip 'n Slide.

There's a Xictionary in My Dictionary!
(a.k.a, I Can Lick Thirty Word Grids Today!)

There's something strange about this grid.
It had a QUID,
But then it HID,
Became a SQUID.
So said my ID.

Too many TAXes
And still more AXes
And sometimes FAXes.
My SAXes WAXes.
I want some SNACKSes.

That was so much fun! I expect I'll be doing that again. Stay tuned and keep your rhyme on, true believers!