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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Two new Bananagrams puzzle books

As follow-ups to Bananagrams! The Official Book, Joe Edley has co-authored two more Bananagrams puzzle books that should now be available in bookstores. The first book, More Bananagrams!, was written with Abe and Rena Nathanson, and features more of the puzzles that earned the initial Bananagrams puzzle book acclaim.

The second book, aimed at the younger Bananagrammists out there, is called Bananagrams for Kids and has contributions from Puzzability, a puzzle-making factory started by three former editors of Games magazine. Puzzability is probably best known for the puzzles that the New York Times has allowed them to publish on certain days, in lieu of their regular Op-Ed page. An example from last year is their "Space Case" set of puzzles. Some other examples of their non-Bananagrams puzzles can be found here, including some for kids.